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Since 2007, Juliet Music has been helping musicians and music lovers with their goals.

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On behalf of the Juliet Music School, I would like to welcome you to be part of our musical family. Here is a place where dedicated people make exceptional music, stimulate artistic growth, explore educational methodology and conduct ground-breaking research.

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Juliet Music School’s Admin and Teachers are excellent. I have two kids that have been taking piano lessons for 4-5years. We have since moved away from the Forest Hills area, but still travel all the way back here for the excellent teachers and staff. My kids enjoy coming to see their music teachers each week and have learned to independently practice music on their own with the encouragements and directions given by the teachers. I would recommend this school to all parents.

Michelle Cheng

/ Piano Student
I loved the Juliet Music School on many levels, but one of the things I liked the most is Piano teaching, I had no idea it was going on before my friend called me about it. And that is sort of the point. To me, this was a brilliant music school focused on the hard core fans that share a similar psycho graphic with the music lessons – a School that is special in Pianos, Violins, Guitars, Vocals, Violas, Cellos, Clarinets and more; in addition, they also combine music theory, music reading, ear training, technique, and musicality in a fun and encouraging setting. Their serious fans, from what I can tell, are similar.

Madley Pondor

/ Violin Student
Absolutely love this school – my son is taking piano and my daughter – voice. They both really enjoy their lessons and have excellent teachers!

Luvic Dubble

/ Piano Student
My son has been going to Juliet school for drum lessons for 4 months now and he has definitely learned a lot. The teacher is great, young and connects well with him, making his lessons fun

Florence Themes

/ Piano Student

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